Paul Libbrecht

Paul Libbrecht is researcher at CERMAT in web-based learning technologies for mathematics.
He is also developer for curriki.

Recent Publications

2013 The Role of Metadata in the Design of Educational Activities, Libbrecht, Paul, and Kortenkamp Ulrich , Proceedings of CERME 8, Antalya, (2013) PDF icon LibbrechtKortenkamp-RMDEA-2013a.pdf (590.38 KB)
2013 Tales of a Companion Teacher Analytics, Libbrecht, Paul, Kortenkamp Ulrich, Rebholz Sandra, and Müller Wolfgang , Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Teaching Analytics (IWTA-2013), (2013) PDF icon LibbrechtKortenkamp-TCTA-2013a.pdf (804.96 KB)
2011 – a platform for sharing dynamic geometry resources all over Europe, Trgalova, Jana, Kortenkamp Ulrich, Jahn Ana Paula, Libbrecht Paul, Mercat Christian, Recio Tomas, and Soury-Lavergne Sophie , (2011) PDF icon (5.77 MB)
2010 Crossing Cultural Boundaries with Long Term Interactive Geometry Resources, Libbrecht, Paul, Kortenkamp Ulrich, and Mercat Christian , (2010) PDF icon LibbrechtKortenkampMercat-CCBLTIGR-2010.pdf (1.56 MB)
2009 Interoperable Interactive Geometry For Europe – First Technological and Educational Results and Future Challenges of the Intergeo Project, Kortenkamp, Ulrich, Blessing Axel M., Dohrmann Christian, Kreis Yves, Libbrecht Paul, and Mercat Christian , Proceedings of the Sixth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education. January 28th - February 1st 2009, Lyon (France), January, Lyon (France), (2009)


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